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Project Description
  • Easily create a polished UI for your XNA games.

An Example
  • The "Example" project included in the download has all of the source code used to create the UI in the following video.

  • Base widget system.
    • Standard widgets include graphic, text, box, slider, menu and camera.
    • Base features allow changing position, size, scale, rotation, align, and color.
    • Widgets can be attached together allowing for complex positioning.
  • Rich font system.
    • Support for font kerning, wrapping, alignment and multitexturing.
    • Customisable font styles allow control over drop shadows, character tracking and line spacing.
    • Support to swap out special character sequences with an icon. For example, replace "[[A]]" with the A button from the Xbox 360 controller.
    • Font effect system allows custom, per-letter text animations.
    • Custom string implementation which allows basic, garbage-free number formatting.
  • Animation system.
    • Base support for animating position, size, scale, rotation, color, alpha, intensity and texture coordinates.
    • Extendable to support custom variables that you may need to animate in custom widgets.
  • Screen control system.
    • Allows for multiple screens to be active at once.
  • Input system.
    • Can be used within your game too if required.
    • Allows custom mappings to the keyboard, mouse and/or gamepad.
  • Multiple render passes.
    • Allows the UI to be transformed and rendered however you like, allowing for things like 3D, "in world" and/or post-processed UI.
  • Customisable.
    • Easily create new widgets, effects and animations which can be plugged into the system.
  • Optimised for Xbox 360.
    • Generates no garbage during a general update.

Feature Requests / Bugs

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